February 10, 2021

D Festival is part of the SMA! european project

Almost one year from the beginning of the pandemic, the music industry is still “at rest”. Now, when the big events planned for 2021 are in uncertain situation, the key activities of the smaller festivals are cooperation and planning of common activities. That’s the frame where SMA! begins its operational phase.

As an accelerator for the supports of small multimedia festivals, SMA!’s goal is in the next three years to create a sustainable model of international development. Through strategies to diversify and improve governance and stakeholder relations, greater competitiveness and attractiveness will be achieved within music and cultural event organizations. The project will also encourage the creation of sustainable infrastructures in the field of creative industries in peripheral European countries, supporting the economic and social growth of local and regional communities.

In the next three years, through the realization of the planned project activities, SMA! will establish, among other things, the implementation of a strategy for the development and strengthening of the identity of each individual festival, as well as professional training for the organizers. In addition, the mobility of the organizers will be encouraged and enabled, in order to gain experience and learn how other festivals deal with their daily challenges.

SMA! also aims to improve the economy of partner events, by establishing activities that will increase cultural tourism in these areas, and special attention will be paid to the environmental self-sustainability of events.

In addition to Password Production with D Festival, the project also includes representatives from Italy, Germany, Estonia and Spain: Associazione Culturale Glenn Gould with Ypsigrock Festival, MeltingPro, Raum 3 with Haldern Pop, Music Estonia and Turismo Vivencial.