Plavi Orkestar

Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Plavi orkestar (English: Blue Orchestra) is a pop band from Sarajevo. The band was formed in 1983 by Saša Lošić, lead singer and songwriter of the group. The band has million record sales and more than 6000 concerts worldwide. In 1985, the band’s first album Soldatski bal (Soldier’s Ball) sold in hundreds thousands copies and is one of the most successful debuts in ex_yugoslavian rock history. Their second album “Smrt Fašizmu” (“Death to Fascism”) was another outstanding success for the band, selling over 300,000 copies in Yugoslavia and being certified diamond. In 1989, they returned with the album “Sunce na prozoru” which was another big hit for the band which had a status of  biggest pop rock attraction in Yugoslavia. Their 1991 release, Simpatija, would be their last album issued in Yugoslavia prior to its breakup, the state where Plavi Orkestar sold over million records. They were on hiatus until 1998 when they released “LongPlay” which returned them on the old path of sucess. “Infinity” from 1999 and  “Sedam” from 2012 established the band as a classic arena pop-rock attraction.

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