Hladno Pivo

Hladno Pivo
Rock and Roll

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Hladno pivo (trans. “Cold beer”) is a Croatian punk rock band. It is one of most popular rock bands in Croatia.

The band was formed in Zagreb. It initially consisted of four members: Zok, Tedi, Suba, Mile. The band started playing under the influence of bands like Ramones, Sex Pistols,Dead Kennedys, Motörhead, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Metallica Zabranjeno pu enje, Elektricni orgazam The Rolling Stones,The Beatles, Azra. In 1997, Stipe joined the band. On the May 21 1988 the band held their first concert in Kumrovec, Croatia. In 1988 band has also held an unsuccessful concert at lake Jarun in ZagrebHladno Pivo, due to the drummer of the band which played before them refusing to leave the drums for Hladno pivo.

In 1989 Stipe left the band. This year was also important because Zok, Tedi, Suba and Mile recorded their first demo. The demo consisted of six songs: “Für immer Punk” (a Goldene Zitronen cover), “Bonzo”, “Savr eni marginalci”, “Niemals”, “Buntovnik” and “Celicne zavjese”. The demo was recorded at Jozo in Tre njevka, Zagreb. One week later, Mile and Zok were sent to do their military service.

When they returned from military service in 1990 they started playing again. The result were songs: “Princeza”, “Heroin”, “Dobro vece”, “Trening za umiranje”, “Buba vabe”, “Zakaj se tak’ oblaci “, “Pjevajte ne to ljubavno”. These songs were recorded at Denis (a.k.a. Denyken) in Sopot, Zagreb. These songs, along with modified “Marginalci” were published as a cassette in production of Megatherium records.

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