Vladimir Runchev

Vladimir Runchev

Monday, 03 February 2014 11:35


15.02.2014 Macedonia Centar za kultura - Bitola, MK
10.05.2014 Macedonia Spring Wine Fest - Skopje, MK
04.10.2014 Macedonia White Night - MKC, Skopje, MK

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 22:47


16.01.2014 Netherlands Eurosonic Showcase Festival, Simplon - Groningen, NL
06.06.2014  Croatian Rise Up Porec - Porec, CRO
13.06.2014 Bulgaria Exit Promo Party, Maimunarinika, Sofia, BG
20.06.2014 Poland The Middsummer Day Festival, Gdansk, PL
29.06.2014  Netherlands Park Pop Festival - The Hague, NL
05.07.2014  Belgium Gracias Ala Vida Festival - Lommel, BE 
12.07.2014  Romania In Transylvania Festival - Sambata-De-Sus, Brasov, RO
16.07.2014 Montenegro Sea Dance Festival - Budva, MN
01.08.2014  Slovenia Schengen Fest - Vinica, SI
03.08.2014 Belgium Esperanzah!, Abbaye De Floreffe, BE
15.08.2014 Macedonia Strumica Open Air - Strumica, MK
17.08.2014  Hungary Sziget Festival - Budapest, HU
22.08.2014  Portugal-Flag-24 Mare de Agosto - Santa Maria, PT
29.08.2014 Croatian Spancirfest - Varazdin, CRO
13.09.2014 Romania Balkanik Festival, Bucharest, RO
04.10.2014 Macedonia Skopje City Mall Birthday - Skopje, MK

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 21:24


22.02.2014 Macedonia Lollipop Club - Kumanovo, MK
15.03.2014 Macedonia Club Pulse - Kochani, MK
21.03.2014 Austria  Kontaktlinse (stereo)-club - Klagenfurt, AT
10.04.2014 Macedonia Expo Center - Skopje, MK
11.04.2014 Bulgaria Terminal 1 - Sofia, BG
12.04.2014 Bulgaria

Terminal 1 - Sofia, BG

16.05.2014 Switzerland

Elite Club - Zurich, CH

17.05.2014 Germany

Katana - Frankfurt, DE

16.08.2014 Macedonia

Strumica Open - Strumica, MK

27.08.2014 Macedonia

Amnesia Festival - Tetovo, MK

25.09.2014  Austria

(scene) - Wien, AT

13.12.2014 Serbia

Koncert Godine - Novi Sad, RS

31.12.2014 Macedonia

Plostad Jadran - Skopje, MK

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 21:15


17.01.2014 Italy Sonar Live - Siena, IT
18.01.2014 Italy Focara - Lecce, IT
12.02.2014 Turkey Hayal Kahvesi - Istanbul, TR
13.02.2014 Turkey Hayal Kahvesi - Ankara, TR
15.02.2014 Turkey Hayal Kahvesi - Bursa, TR
16.02.2014 Turkey Hayal Kahvesi - Izmir, TR
18.02.2014 Turkey Hayal Kahvesi - Adana, TR
19.02.2014 Turkey Hayal Kahvesi - Gaziantep, TR
20.02.2014 Turkey Hayal Kahvesi - Mersin, TR
01.03.2014 Croatian Spaladium Arena - Split, HR
13.03.2014 Italy Palanord / Irlanda in Festa - Bologna, IT
14.03.2014 Italy Teatro Geox / Irlanda in Festa - Padova, IT
15.03.2014 Italy PalaGeorge / Irlanda in Festa - Montichiari, Brescia, IT
05.04.2014 Serbia Kombank Arena- Belgrade, RS
12.04.2014 Croatian Club Revelin - Dubrovnik, HR
18.04.2014 Netherlands Grounds Podium - Rotterdam, NL
19.04.2014 Netherlands PAASPOP Festival - Schijndel, NL
24.04.2014 France-Flag-24 Bellevilloise, Paris, FR
26.04.2014 France-Flag-24 Welcome in Tziganie - Auch, FR
30.04.2014 Italy Premio Maggio Festival - Bari, IT
02.05.2014 Montenegro Maximus, KOTOR, ME
10.05.2014 Italy May.BRome Festival, ROMA, IT
13.05.2014 Slovenia Lampiončki Festival, MARIBOR, SI
18.05.2014 Belgium Kokopelli Festival - Gullegem, BE
23.05.2014 France-Flag-24 Festival Teciverdi - Noirt, FR
24.05.2014 France-Flag-24

Festival Zic Si Gaouses - Orthez, FR

05.06.2014 France-Flag-24 Le New Morning - Paris, FR
07.06.2014 France-Flag-24 Seyssuel'Fest - Rhone-Alpes, FR
08.06.2014 France-Flag-24 Festival Y'a Pas L'Feu, Cambrin, FR
14.06.2014 Croatian Dvorishte Vege - Osijek, HR
15.06.2014 Romania Festivalul International de Teatru, SIBIU, RO
20.06.2014 Switzerland Quellrock Open Air, BAD RAGAZ, CH
21.06.2014 Czech JamRock festival, ŽAMBERK, CZ
26.06.2014 Serbia Arsenal FEST, KRAGUJEVAC, RS
27.06.2014 Switzerland Open Air Festival - St. Gallen, CH
28.06.2014 Slovenia Gora Rocka - Sentviska Gora, SI
05.07.2014 France-Flag-24 Festival Les Feux de l'Ete - Saint-Prouant, FR
06.07.2014 France-Flag-24  La Guinguette, BLOIS, FR
12.07.2014 France-Flag-24 Festival Beg Chopin - Saint-Prouant, FR
13.07.2014 Romania In Transylvania Festival - Sambata du Sus, Brasov, RO
18.07.2014 Italy  Guca sul Carso, TRIESTE, IT
19.07.2014 Italy Volxsfesta, Bolzano, IT
24.07.2014 Croatian Aurora Club, Primosten, HR
25.07.2014 Spain-Flag-24 Iboga Summer Festival - Cullera, Valencia, ES
26.07.2014 Czech PuppetRock Festival - Plzen, CZ
27.07.2014 Netherlands Zwarte Cross Festival - Eikendijk, NL
02.08.2014 France-Flag-24 Festival des Garennes - La Roche-Bernard, FR
03.08.2014 Germany Bardentreffen, Nürnberg, DE
07.08.2014 Croatian Hitch Bar - Zadar, HR
09.08.2014 France-Flag-24  FESTIBALOCHE, OLARGUES, FR
10.08.2014 France-Flag-24 Le Chien à Plumes, VILLEGUSIEN-LE-LAC, FR
13.08.2014 Italy Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia, IT
14.08.2014 France-Flag-24 Festival Musicalarue, LUXEY, FR
16.08.2014 Norway Mela Festival - Oslo, NO
22.08.2014 Slovenia Adrenalin Sound Festival, BOVEC, SI
24.08.2014 Croatian Karlovacki Dani Piva, Karlovac, HR
28.08.2014 Macedonia Aqua Park Festival - Probistip, MK
29.08.2014 Bulgaria Maimunarnika - Sofia, BG
30.08.2014 Serbia Rovovi Niske Tvrdjave, Nis, RS
03.10.2014 Austria ((szene)) Wien, Wien, AT
05.10.2014 Germany jubez, Karlsruhe, DE
06.10.2014 Germany Kulturzentrum franz.K Reutlingen, Reutlingen, DE
08.10.2014 Germany Kulturladen, Konstanz, DE
09.10.2014 Germany Feierwerk, München, DE
10.10.2014 Switzerland KiFF, Aarau, CH
11.10.2014 Switzerland Gare de Lion, Wil, CH
13.10.2014 Germany Jazzhaus Freiburg, Freiburg, DE
15.10.2014 Germany ROXY.ulm, Ulm, DE
16.10.2014 Germany Kulturladen KFZ Marburg, Marburg, DE
17.10.2014 Germany Scheune Dresden, Dresden, DE
18.10.2014 Germany Moritzbastei, Leipzig, DE
21.10.2014 Germany Schlachthof Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, DE
22.10.2014 Germany FZW, Dortmund, DE
23.10.2014 Germany Fabrik, Hamburg, DE
25.10.2014 Germany Faust, Hannover, DE
30.10.2014 Spain-Flag-24 Sala Salamndra, Barcelona, ES
31.10.2014 Spain-Flag-24 Sala Penelope, Madrid, ES
01.11.2014 Spain-Flag-24 Recinto Ferial - Chantada, GAL
05.11.2014 Sweden Sodra Teatern - Stockholm, SE
06.11.2014 Denmark Atlas, Arhus - Denmark
07.11.2014 Sweden Musikens Hus - Goteborg, SE
08.11.2014 Sweden Moriska Paviljongen - Malmo, SE
21.11.2014 Norway John DEE - Oslo, NO
29.11.2014 Croatian Pozitivan Koncert - Zagreb, HR
13.12.2014 Serbia Koncert Godine - Novi Sad, RS
20.12.2014 Bosnian Arena Zenica - Zenica, BA
30.12.2014 Slovenia Sotor na Kidricevi Ulici - Nova Gorica, SI
31.12.2014 Croatian Gradski docek Nove Godine - Sibenik, HR
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 15:48

D FESTIVAL 3 | 27.07.2013 | Dojran, Macedonia

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 08:10

KRS ONE - club Colosseum

Thursday, 14 March 2013 14:27


Thursday, 31 January 2013 15:42


Marko Milicevic is Gramophonedzie : the MTV award winning Serbian superstar who is currently
riding a serious wave following a remarkable breakthrough year in 2010. From his hometown
of Belgrade, he has forged a loyal worldwide following for his distinctive productions and

Though it may seem he stormed out of nowhere, when he conquered Ibiza in the summer of 2009
and subsequently crossed over into mainstream in months to follow, Marko is far from being a newbie when it comes to producing and mixing music. He performed as a well respected DJ and producer in his home country and region years before he became globally famous.

Marko's production career started at least a decade before his big break. At the very beginning of a new Millennium he was given a chance to participate in the Red Bull Academy in Ireland as one of the greatest music talents from the region, after winning a remix competition. For him that was definitely a life changing experience and additional motivation to follow his long time dream to pursue career in music.

At the end of 2012 Serbian DJ and producer Marko Milicevic aka Gramophonedzie came to
another major crossroads in his career. After two successful worldwide tours on major stages,
fuelled by the global success of his anthem "Why Don't You", which crossed over on mainstream
charts and radios, ensuring him global fame and record deal with major label as well as MTV
music award, he decided to go back to his roots. Those are bound to darker Chicago jackin' house,
though the best selling releases such as "Brazilian", "Number One" or "No Sugar" (ft. Joey Negro)
prove his sound is much more eclectic. Classically trained musician, head of Disko Zoo label as
well as an expert in music mastering has thus rebuilt his Belgrade based studio and is now again
focusing on things that he likes the most: producing and mixing quality house music for true house
aficionados and exposing young talents, so it's not a surprise he prefers to play more intimate
underground clubs and club culture flavoured festivals.

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