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String forces is a band from Skopje, formed in 1995. By now, we have released four albums: Reductio ad Absurdum (2009), Silky Way (2006), Izohronija (2002) and String Forces (1998), music for a TV-film and we have had numerous live appearances throughout Macedonia and on the Balkans.
Through the years our music evolved from prog-rock with discrete traditional motives, to World Fusion based on the tradtional macedonian chalgija with electronic background. 

• Looking aside, the number of macedonian albums which can be a relevant document for one country and one time with their music and lyrics, is always too small. Therefore, the new (second) album by the Skopje-based band String Forces, titled Izohronija, rightfully belongs to this small group of projects to which the nation can proudly lean-on. Really lean-on! - [Ivan Beckovic, music journalist, Macedonian Music Network Portal]

• Their non-agressive presence on the Macedonian music scene with their good musicianship, contemporary thinking in the context of contemporary and also experimental world music and, above all, brilliant live performances, gives the necessary relevance to the same. If I was a powerfull promoter I would have done miracles with this band... - [Goran Trajkoski, Anastasia, Mizar]

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